Enterprises Corporation S.GROUP are the leading employers in the region.

S.GROUP offers unlimited opportunities for personal and professional development corporations working for the economic prosperity of the region and Ukraine as a whole.

The main thing in the Corporation – its people. At a time when the Corporation’s enterprises began to be assigned business areas, the question of where to find qualified senior managers did not appear – at S.GROUP had a lovely internal resource.

Many of our top managers at the start of his career, starting with the lowest-level managers. The personal and professional contributions, together with the development of the Corporation, they became high-level professionals. Therefore, the growth rate of the Company equal to the rate of growth of personal managers and employees of the Corporation.

The tradition of building a team of top managers from among its own staff and preserved today. We can say with confidence that every employee enterprises S.GROUP, in whatever position he may be, can build a successful career.

Enterprises Corporation offer:

  • good working conditions;
  • benefits package;
  • timely payment of decent wages;
  • bonuses and compensation;
  • program development and training;
  • Open and friendly staff;
  • dynamic working environment.

Today, the top management of enterprises of the Corporation S.GROUP – people who stood at the origins of the Corporation, which have gone from a specialist to a senior manager.

The Corporation is developing dynamically, and its businesses are open to professionals ready to implement bold and ambitious projects.

You have the opportunity to obtain information on employment and submit your resume to:

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