Volunteer Center

S.Group Corporation – the largest national snacks producer, organized а Volunteer Center in its central office. The main goal of the center is to help soldiers from the Antiterrorist operation area . Volunteer Center provides medical and humanitarian help to people from the Donbass region. Corporate Volunteer Center purchased medicines and Ilizarov apparatus. That apparatus is used to fix injuries, fractures and bone deformations. All medicines and equipment were given to the City Hospital №16. Head of the casualty department thanked S.Group corporation volunteers for their help.

Volunteer Center also provides help to I-st category disabled people – immigrants from the ATO area who are now in the City Hospital №4. Volounteers purchased heaters, medicines and WiFi-routers.

Volunteer Center still helps patients in the Mechnikov hospital, Dnipropetrovsk. Corporation gave as a charity its snack products, and pulp&paper products for personal hygiene. But first and foremost, of course, Volunteer Center provides soldiers with medicines and warm clothes.

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The founder of the S.Group corporation, Sergey Rybalka personally delivers aid to the ATO zone.

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