Sport club “Dniproboks”

“Cultural upbringing, discipline, sport – are basic elements of the nation’s health!

healthy nation is basic element of a great state! “

Vitaly Slizovsky

The founder of the sport club “Dneproboks”

Sports club “Dnepropboks” celebrates its anniversary on the 1th of November 2014. For 20 years, the club coaches have been training future champions of Ukraine, Europe and the world! Furthermore, club graduated sportsman, Konstantin Pinchuk became European champion in the heavyweight division. The championship took place in Zagreb (Croatia) from 18 to 26 October 2014 .

“Such high achievements – are results of a long preparation and many years of hard work. For all this, of course, sportsmen need a good place, great coaches and the ability to achieve goals “- said Vitaly.

For over 7 years S.Group corporation and its founder Sergey Rybalka have been a reliable partner in the development of the club “Dneproboks”. With corporate support the club gathering hosted in the Ochakivin on July 2014, .

“Sergey is a true fan of boxing, sport in general and a healthy lifestyle. He trains on a par with everyone, no exceptions for him. But what is interesting is that his sparring partners are strong and experienced coaches, so it’s not just a hobby, it’s professional level, “- says club founder Vitaly Slizovsky .

Thanks to the support and assistance of Sergey Rybalka and to the S.Group corporation we have an opportunity to educate the younger generation with love to the sport and with high self-discipline level. Such youth whose sport achievements the family, the city, the country and the whole world can be proud of!