Toasts (grenki) by TM Snekkin – it’s a revolution!

Toasts (grenki) by “Snekkin” are the revolution on Ukrainian snack market. They have an unusual triangular shape, thanks to a special standard of cutting bread. This form was chosen after numerous focus groups and market researches. For toasts by “Snekkin” we use bread with spices, that is what differ toasts by “Snekkin” from others producers, who use savorless bread as basis. In that way toasts are tastier from the very beginning.

The triangular shape was chosen because it’s the most convenient. While eating snack on walk it is easy to pick up each triangle, so that your hands, clothes and face stay clean. Toasts are made with unique tastes, for example tastes “Sturgeon”, “Cheese and garlic,” or “Beef and onion” have no analogues in Ukraine.

Toasts (grenki) by “Snekkin” also have unique design – matted, with varnished elements. This exclusive design, was developed specially for our corporation, by one of the best advertising agencies in the world and the best in Ukraine.