Meet new brand My Rybalka

If somebody would be interested in how men spend their leisure time, we can conclude that men often have a great responsibility at work and mostly they need to care about the family welfare. It seems to us that the only activities where men can truly relax, spend time with friends it’s football, or fishing. Fishing! Originally a male occupation! Especially for that great occasion S.Group corporation produced a gift to all lovers of delicious fish. On the October 1, 2014 packed fish showas on the Ukrainian market – TM “My Rybalka”

The name of the new brand “My Rybalka” was choosen not accidentally. There are many examples of global brands, named after the founder, in marketing history. Goods of which still remain high quality. The producer has a huge responsibility for the quality of products, because if someting would go wrong, he risks not only product but also personal founder reputation.

TM “My Rybalka” proclaimed its strategic advantage – quality! Reputation and consumers trust are priority for the corporation. Companies are working on their reputation for years, but a company can lose face at just one moment. It is therefore important to understand the full depth of responsibility of each employee, because reputation of the founder of the corporation is the basis of the new product.

TM “My Rybalka” original design was developed after the complex market research.

 Now we can confidently say that the TM “My Rybalka” will become market leader and will bring a lot of pleasure from the taste and quality of products to all fans of both packaged and weight fish.