Corporation S.Group is entering the EU market

S.Group Corporation enters Germany, Czech Republic and some other EU countries markets, in the segment of Private Label. It appeared possible due to the Ukraine signed association agreement with the EU. Since that time, a number of customs duties for Ukrainian goods were removed and producers, which meet european quality requirements, got the opportunity to enter new markets. The announcment was made by the S.Group Corporation National Manager of PL, Nikolay Skripnik.

“S.Group Corporation fully meets the high requirements of the EU market and already has quality certificates, such as ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 9001: 2009, ISO 22000, – so we have started negotiations in the sphere of Private Label with retail chains in Germany, Czech Republic and other EU countries. The process is rather complicated due to the fact that markets in Europe sufficiently structured and output them a completely new brand is not easy. In addition, common for CIS products (such as roasted sunflower and pumpkin seeds by TM Semki) may be difficult to adapt to European consumers. Certainly, European retailers are interested in a reliable manufacturer of quality products. Our corporation is the leader in the market and is able to fulfil all obligations on time, due to the production facilities. From the 2012 till 2014 in the Private Label category, corporation sales increased: peanut production – 51%; Pistachios production – 22%; production of chips plates – 301%; natural chips – 298%; production and packaging of roasted sunflower seeds – 21% ” – says Nikolay Skripnik.

Nikolay added that currently, Private Label market is dynamically developing. That is happening because of the fact that large retail chains use such products to increase customer loyalty and to expand commodity nomenclature. “A distinctive feature of the private label brands is high quality, since they are part of the company’s image. Retailers have high requirements for standardization and certification of products “, – says Nikolay Skripnik. At the same time today S.Group Corporation actively cooperates with big Ukrainian retailers. The list of partners includes such major retailers as “Caravan», «Auchan», «Eco-Market», «VARUS», «FOZZYGROUP», «Amstor”, “Metro», «Billa», «Brusnichka», «NOVUS», “Velyka Kyshenya”, “Avanti”, “Tavria B”, “Eva”.