Snacks Production

“Snack Export” Company is a leader in the Ukrainian snack market and one of the major players in the European snack market.
Brands of the company “Snack Export” are on the top in almost all segments of the Ukrainian snack market. Products are confident leaders in Moldova, and Central Asia. Markets of Russia, Belarus and the Caucasus are now actively exploring. Intensive work has been done to promote brands.


Production facilities are located in the Dnipropetrovsk region. Snacks production uses only the best suppliers of the high quality raw materials, natural spices and flavors of the world’s leading manufacturers. Service quality management always provide strict quality control and fulfillment with the relevant regulations and products storage standards. Products are manufactured by using the advanced equipment, which is unique and does not exist in Ukraine. All processes are automated and that allow to achieve the highest performance level. Company’s staff passes complex multi-level training to work with the production facilities. “SNACK-EXPORT” guarantees the highest quality products for consumers.

We have gathered a team of professionals, people who love what they do, who can make a real breakthrough in each of the business areas, who actively participate in the writing of recent independent Ukraine history. Many of our senior managers had started their career as the lowest-level managers. The personal and professional contributions together with the Corporation development compose high level success companу” – says S.Group Corporation CEO, Vitaliy Skvortsov

Our Corporation quality certificates:

  • Certificate of conformity to state standards for all types of products;
  • Certificate of conformity to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 9001:2009;
  • Halal Certification;
  • Certification of imported raw materials for the snack production.

“SNACK-EXPORT” Ltd. produces high quality products which has state certification. Snack products have received more than 20 quality certificates in total.