Trademark «SNEKKIN»

Ukrainians have already  rated crackers as a great and tasty snack. Dried crust is convenient food to eat while having a break between classes, meeting with friends or just walking around in park. That’s why more and more young people are choosing crackers as a snack.

TM Snekkin tries to surprise  customers by new bright flavors, and modern design that modern extraordinary youth will totally like.

The main competitive advantages are:

Production technology. High quality flour is used to make the croutonsused. Snacks pass through double roasting, during which they get that famous crunch. This technology allows the croutons absorb more flavors and tastes.

Crackers are available in packs of 35grams and 80 grams, with such flavors: Sour cream with herbs; Aspic with horseradish; Italian salami; Сrab under cream sauce; With bacon; Keta’s caviar; Hunter sausages; Ham with mustard.

Tastes. Nowadays, it is not much that can truly surprise the modern consumer. But “Snekkin” crunches do it! Consumers like crackers with such tastes: Bacon, Aspic with horseradish, Sour cream with herbs and Crab.