Trademark «Kozatska slava»

Not good time for fun! Time to honor true Cossacks!

ТМ «Kozatska rozvaga» – is uncontestable leader on the ukrainian snack market in the packaged salted nuts segment. This brand has won consumer’s trust long time ago and has been holding a high level of bar snacks quality for more than fourteen years.

Taken into a count incresed patriotic enthusiasm among the ukrainians, as well as the increased need for ethnicity self-identification, S.Group corporation decided to change the promotion strategy of the brand “Kozatska rozvaga.”

Under such conditions, the name was changed into “Kozatska slava” 

TM “Kozatska slava” combines the best production technology, high quality raw materials and patriotic design package.

The best varieties of Argentine peanuts are used in the production process. Roasted nuts are produced in accordance with best modern manufacturers technologies.

National TM “Kozatska rozvaga” is changing to get closer to the consumer, closer to the Ukrainian people!

Coming soon! New original tastes of the familiar nuts! Wasabi and Cured fillet of Sturgeon!

Limited edition series!