S.GROUP Corporation is the largest national association of trade and industrial enterprises that operates in the Ukraine and Eastern Europe market. Corporation is presented in different business areas: snacks production, consumer goods and paper products. Today it is a powerful, well-organized structure, with long-term goals, and clear development strategy

The “Snack Export” company produces snacks under such well-known brands: TM «SEMKI» – roasted sunflower seeds; TM «Snekkin» – crackers, croutons and chips with a striking design and unique flavors; TM «Kozatska Slava» – roasted, salted peanuts.

The company’s products are represented in more than 25 countries, including USA, Canada, Israel and the United Arab Emirates. The corporation aim is to explore new markets, as well as a clear market strategy development .

Production facilities is located in the Dnipropetrovsk region. The snack making process includes developing unique formulations, integration of modern technologies and implementing natural spices. Corporate quality control management system ensures strict quality control of all products, as well as enforces the relevant norms and standards for storage of products.

«We have gathered a team of professionals, people who love what they do, who can make a real breakthrough in each of the business areas, who actively participate in the writing of recent independent Ukraine history. Many of our senior managers had started their career as the lowest-level managers. The personal and professional contributions together with the Corporation development compose high level success company»says S.Group Corporation CEO, Vitaliy Skvortsov.

Corporation S.GROUP always open for communication and invites to join everyone!