Trademark «Semki»

TM SEMKI is company’s pride – TM SEMKI  that appeared in the snack market in Ukraine in 2007, had gained a leading position in a record time. In yellow-black packet only calibrated confectionary sunflower seeds can get,  with the best taste and visual characteristics.

In addition, sunflower seeds going through the stages of cleaning and the bulkhead and after frying get that familiar taste of sunflower seeds, which is so  loved in Ukraine and beyond.

Currently TM «SEMKI» includes seven assortment positions: roasted sunflower seeds in package of 40 and 70 g, package for sunflower seeds lovers “MEGA” – 150 g, economical package – 250 g.. Sunflower kernels in package of 35 g. and 60 g..

S.Group Corporation always demand high quality seeds.

Unique method of packaging – three-layer metallized film, which has a high barrier increases the shelf life of the product, and avoid contact of the product with an aggressive environment (oxygen). It allows you to keep flavor and aroma throughout the sales period. Thanks to the strength of the package it is not destroyed after the fall, the product does not disintegrate or lose its consumer appeal. Even after opening packet retains its shape. Various formats of the convenient package stands out against other competitors due to the bright and stylish design.

TM «Semki» – the only TM dealing with seeds in Ukraine, which controls the production date in Sales Points and in case of detection the inconsistencies replaces it on fresh products.