New product – crackers Snekkin!

In the fall of 2014, «S.Group» corporation presents a new brand. Any company would be lucky to have in portfolio at least one revolutionary product which has a potential to become a market leader.

TM Snekkin is fundamental revolution in the crackers world! The main competitive advantage of new crackers is the quintessence of strategic factors: better taste, brighter package, more advertising. New brand development strategy was preceded by extensive market research. Most crackers that are present on the snacks market have dull design.

“Most packages is very familiar and have simple rustic design, by the Soviet Union times reminding small bread shop around the corner, where  buyers used to go. Package with a simple visualization of tastes.But we affraid that such a design is not so attractive to the consumer. We went to the shops and took a look at our consumers. Our target audience – young people aged from  8 to 17 years. We need to satisfy their love to all the non-standard things “- says Olga Semchenko, S.Group corporation, Marketing Director.

Vivid, original design is only the one cool thing that TM Snekkin can provide consumers with. Within new product here comes a new consumption culture. Currently, almost all crackers manufacturers do not pay enough attention to the consumption culture, but more than that, they do not even consider such subtleties in the production process. Yet, the consumption culture – is an integral part of the brand when we talk about food or drinks. TM Snekkin made sure that consumers would feel comfortably and pleased while eating crackers. New cutting standard eliminates a large number of crumbs at the bottom of the pack.

“The main problem of all currently existing crackers is in the bottom, literally in the bottom of the pack. Crumb, broken crackers. However, we understand that our product is used in most cases while walking down the street. By creating a special cutting standard we sloved the problem with crumbs on your clothes and face, while eating and walking” – says Olga Semchenko.

Another innovation is that TM Snekkin crackers not dried, they are baked! Crackers obtained rosy, crispy, baked and get this smell from childhood.

The key success factors for the Snekkin brand – is the quality of raw materials, innovative technologies, bright and vivid design. All forces were sent on the development of new crackers. The corporation has involved one of the best creative agencies in the world and the best agency in Ukraine! TM Snekkin has revolutionary new concept that focuses on youth. Now everyone can do as Snekkin, make selfie and create adventures!