Trademark «Fantasy»

The first product release of the trademark «Fantasy» was in October 2006. The brand «Fantasy» purpose: to fulfill the growing needs of people in all countries in cleanliness, hygiene and comfort, to create a unique world of consumers around their «Fantasy».

Brand main goals are:

  •  Creating a feeling of cleanliness, comfort and relaxation;
  •  Creating good mood;
  •  Raising the cultural level of society in a whole.

As it can be seen from the positioning of competitors brands analysis –  the core values ​​of their brands are practical attributes: cleanliness, comfort, tenderness, softness, natural components, etc.

Undoubtedly, the concept of the «Fantasy» brand positioning  should be built on universal values, but we do not focus only on the rational  values. The brand «Fantasy» main conception is to create emotional background of the trademark.








Consumers tend to act irrationally sometimes (at least in their thoughts and fantasies). The brand name «Fantasy» initially reflects subconscious consumer choice. By choosing brand «Fantasy», consumers are entering not only civilized and protected world of purity, but also the world of their desires and fantasies.

Consumers fantasies about irresistible beauty, excellence, success, love, Male enhancement and so on. Brand «Fantasy» allows you to think, to dream about a world that belongs only to you! Your Fantasy World!